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S&A CW-5200 water cooled chiller for cooling UVLED exposure machine

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S&A CW-5200 water cooled chiller for cooling UVLED exposure machine

Industrial refrigeration water cooled chiller model CW-5200 is produced by Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd. 

Integrity, Pragmatic and Enterprising are TEYU core values. They make us always adhere to Quality First on our design and production concepts.

Our brands"S&A" and "TEYU" have gained approval and trust from thousands of manufacturer at home and abroad which enables our product export rate maintained at over 60% in long-term. Our product application is diversified and our shipment of laser cooling system has ranked the first in the world. It's our persistence belief that excellent product quality is the key to keep an enterprise moving forward. For over 16 years in screening and training, we integrate lots of superior components suppliers.

S&A water chiller CW-5200 is widely applied for cooling UV LED exposure machine.

S&A brand CW-5200 air cooled chiller ‘s cooling capacity up to 1.4KW , ±0.3 temperature control precision and temperature control range in 5-35. It is popular for its 2 temperature control modes as constant temperature and intelligent temperature control. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm and over high / low temperature alarm.

S&A chillers have passed ISO, CE,RoHS and REACH approvals and the warranty is 2 years.

CW-5200 video: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Article/03SAwaterchillerCW5200_1.html

chiller CW-5200 specfications:

 Voltage:110V-220V; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Refrigerant: R-22 / R-134a / R-410a

Pump power: 0.03KW/0.05KW/0.1KW; Tank capacity:6L

Max. lift:10M-25M; Max. flow: 10L/min- 16L/min

N.W: 26Kgs; G.W: 29Kgs;

Dimension : 58 X 29 X 47 cm (L X W X H); Packing dimension: 70 X 43 X 58 cm (L X W X H)

About S&A Brand

S&A(TEYU) was founded in 2002. After 15 years of development, the headquarter covers an area of 18,000 square meters, and has about 250 employees.  

Why choose S&A

Product Advantages:1. With 11 patent certificatesCE, RoHS and REACH approval; Conforms to air transport requirements; 2 years warrenty

2.±0.1 high precision temperature control, stable cooling performance,support ModBus-485 communication;

3. Establish logistic warehouses at USA and Europe;

Manufacturing Advantages:1.Independent R&D on sheet metal, evaporator, condenser and cores parts of chiller;

2. Anual ouput 60,000 units,product exports rate above 60%

3. Standard bulk production,standard parts rate up to 80%

4. With excellent laboratory testing system, simulates actual working environment for chiller.


SKYPE: teyuchiller ;  Email:marketing@teyu.com.cn;

Website: http://www.teyuchiller.com

TEL:+86-20-89301885;  FAX:+86-20-84309967






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